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Are you Ready for the Three-Hour Challenge?

How much time has your manager or HR department invested in your personal development? Probably not nearly enough, right? And how much time are you dedicating to your own development? Same answer?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business world today. Too much busy work and not enough coaching and development. Sites like skillshare and services like LinkedIn learning fill some of the gaps but their offering is not personalized. It's not a development experience built for you and you alone.

Most people don't realize that there is a relatively straightforward answer to this conundrum. Coaching. Everyone needs a coach. Someone who strips away the artifice of salary, title, company, college pedigree, and sees the bleeding heart of the person before them. Someone truly invested in helping you succeed.

Throughout my career leading teams on four continents, I dedicated an inordinate amount of my time as a manager coaching up my people. As a positive psychology expert and Gallup certified strengths coach, I learned how to build people up by doubling down on what makes them unique, talented, and strong. And while writing my bestsellers Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams and The Servant Leader's Manifesto - I developed a structured process that takes coaching to the next level.

What I offer is simple but not easy. You give me three hours and I will give you answers to the most crucial questions for the creation of higher engagement, meaning, and success in your professional and personal life. By the end of our session we will have developed a bridge taking you from your current state to your desired state with clear milestones and continual support from me. The clarity you will achieve in such a short period of time will astound you.

If you are serious about making a leap forward in your personal development this year, it takes investment. Invest in a yourself by hiring a coach like me who can guide you towards leveraging your areas of greatest talent to manifest the career and life you desire. Take the first step now by clicking this link and signing up today. Your future self will thank you!

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